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Mill Hill At War - 1914-1919
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The records contained on this website were compiled during the Great War and finally published in May 1919. The record was a result of dedicated work by a number of School staff; well over a thousand letters were sent out to families to ensure that the record was as accurate as possible. In addition to the War Record, the Gate of Honour and Science School were opened as memorials to those who had fallen and served in the First World War.

This website is dedicated to those ex-pupils and staff of Mill Hill who served their country during the years 1914-1919 and to the team responsible for the compilation of this record who were lead by Norman Brett James and John Gifford.

Some of the biographies on the database are complemented by photographs, news cuttings and letters. If you have access to any further information on any of the Old Millhillians listed here and would like this information to appear on the website, please contact us.